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A full line of new and remanufactured products from respected aftermarket and OEM distributors such as Bendix, ACDelco, Wagner, Midland, UREMCO, and Mico.

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Here's just a small selection

The most complete Loaded Caliper in the Industry and the only one available with Genuine Bendix Friction


Call for your application

Time saver / problem solver

bulletInspected, cleaned and rebuilt back to original equipment condition
bulletApplication-specific friction ensures the "right" part every time
bulletAll appropriate hardware, contact points pre-lubed with silicone grease
bulletRust-proofed and wrapped in Vapour Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) paper for double protection
bulletAlso available in SUV, MetLokTM and IQĆ versions


Complete Coverage for ALL American Cars, Light and Medium Duty Trucks

bulletNew brake master cylinders
bulletWheel cylinders
bulletClutch master and slave cylinders
bulletBrake hoses
bulletPistons, kits, miscellaneous components
bulletOriginal Equipment- grade rubber components
bulletAluminium and cast iron cylinder housing to mirror original equipment.
bulletCAD/CAM ensures dimensional integrity
bulletOriginal Equipment style design ensures proper fit


Please note we will not supply rebuilt master cylinders, only NEW, unless it is very rare and rebuilt is our only solution.

Increase Profits, Performance & Customer Safety

Wagner master cylinders are engineered with the most advanced technology in the industry: The rust-resistant black phosphate coating – the industry’s first – prevents rust, enhances product shelf life and improves aesthetics. Top grade EPDM rubber part are used to prevent leaks and maintain peak performance to maximize safety. With Wagner master cylinders you get products that provide the performance you expect and reduce comebacks.

Cut Bench Bleeding Time From 30 to 3 Minutes

Another reason to use Wagner is the E-Z Bleed™ master cylinder. It lets you reduce bench bleeding time from a half-hour to only three minutes through an exclusive and patented bleeder screw on the step bore.

Complete Coverage for ALL American Cars, Light and Medium Duty Trucks

bulletPremium grade product
bulletManufactured to exacting quality and dimensional specs
bullet"Made in USA" and "Made in Canada" to the highest industry materials standards
bulletAll drums and rotors are machined and balanced for immediate installation
bulletRotors match original equipment style on full cast and composite designs

Call for your application


Disc Brake facts...

The harder the pad the longer they last
The harder the pad the shorter the rotor life
The harder the pad the more prone to squeal
Ceramic and metallic pads cost more because of the higher co-efficiency of fiction, better stopping power and they won't necessarily last longer.
Soft pads wear quickly
Soft pads stop good
Soft pads don't eat rotors
Soft pads will mask the squeal from a poor installation job
Do not confuse soft pads with Cheap pads,  good soft racing pads are made from highly refined organic materials of some secret formula....
90% of brake squeal is not the fault of the pads, it's worn pins, worn sliders on the caliper, incorrect installation, warped rotors, cheap rotors, overheating of the pad from excessive drag or high speed stops.
The pad material does not stop the car, the resins mixed into the pad material come to the surface by capillary action when heat is generated, it's the quality and amount of resin in the pad that creates the co-efficiency of friction and stops the car, the "Puck" is only a carrier for the resin.  You can have two identical looking pads, cut them with a pocket knife and they will feel the same, one will stop the car from 120MPH easily without smoking, the other ones will overheat and fade as it doesn't have enough resin to stop the car and the puck will just burn up.  If you've ever seen a pad that was glazed over like glass on the surface this usually indicates excessive heat that has brought too much resin to the surface and the resin has burned onto the surface, throw them away they're all used up and just wear out very quickly and can take the rotor with them.

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