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Aluminium Radiators and Cooling

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Northern has been providing high quality heating and cooling products for over 30 years. At Northern, quality is a way of life and a commitment made by every employee to provide the best.
Northern's offices, manufacturing facility, and primary distribution facility are located in Willmar, Minnesota.

With Northern you will be assured of superior products and more sophisticated engineering.

Race Pro:


19 x 22
19 x 26
19 x 28
19 x 31

16 x 28
16 x 31

13 x 27
13 x 21

17.5 x 25.5


Race Pro Radiators are perfect for all types of racing.  Northern Race Technology  is incorporated into every
radiator they build from the new sleek 16" to the Double Pass Super Cooler.  All radiators feature the "Northern"
 (TM) exclusive blue anodized Billet Water Neck tapped for 1/8 NPT and ALL Welded construction.

Tubes are designed to withstand the rigors of Drag Racing, Late Model and Modified Racing 24# cap available.

Maximum louvers for Maximum cooling capacity.

High Capacity 1" tubes, bring out more BTU's than competitors.

The 2 large row design will out cool and equivalent 4 tube brass copper radiator.
Heavy Tigged hose connections stay sealed and WON'T CRACK.

Available with Engine Oil Coolers, Trans Coolers and in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any application.

Starting at 136
 19" x 22" Chevy-Ford or Mopar
you won't find a
better radiator for your money anywhere!



Aluminium radiator

Available in over 35 different size combinations to suit all types of speciality chassis

19" x 22" or 26" Chevy, Ford or Mopar

USA Imports Price:     186.00 plus postage and packing

19" x 28" or 31" Chevy, Ford or Mopar

USA Imports Price:     201.00 plus postage and packing

Also available with transmission coolers add 23.00

aluminium radiator

Double Pass for better cooling

19" x 22" - 24" - 28" or 31"

USA Imports Price:     201.00 plus postage and packing

Also AN16 top hose available on most sizes add 16.00

aluminium radiator

Low profile specifically for tube chassis with huge cooling capacity

13 " x 21" or 27"

USA Imports Price:     77.00 plus postage and packing

17" x 25" or 16" x 24"

USA Imports Price     147.00 plus postage and packing

aluminium radiator

Comes complete with oil cooler for more consistent oil temperatures

USA Imports Price:      please contact us for a quote

aluminium radiator

Stock replacement radiators, BOLTS STRAIGHT IN

Over 1200 applications for most American cars from 1968 to 1980

USA Imports Price:     please contact us for a quote

aluminium radiator

55 to 57 Chevy BB or SB

Stock replacement, all aluminium

USA Imports Price:     411.00 plus postage and packing

Also available are the following:

Electric Cooling Fans 10"  -  12"  -  14"  -  16"
Dual Fans
Thermostat switches
50 HD Manual override switches
Radiator caps 18, 20, 24#

Northern now produce radiator blanks to allow positioning of inlet/outlet and filler neck to be exactly where needed.  These rads can be mounted as side tank or top/bottom tank, add a northern fitting kit which includes top and bottom hose tubes and a filler neck.  Requires fabrication and welding.

Northern Electric Fans

Northern Electric Fans and kits

Low profile - Great performance as either pusher or puller. may be used on radiators, engine or transmission coolers, or anywhere air movement will increase cooling

part number fan diameter # of blades air flow current draw width height depth


10 900cfm 6.5amps 9 1/2" 10 1/2" 2 3/8"
BM-346938 12" 10 1000cfm 7.5amps 12" 13 3/4" 2 1/4"
BM-346941 12" 10 1100cfm 8amps 12" 13 3/4" 3 1/2"
BM-346939 14" 10 1300cfm 10amps 14 1/2" 15" 3 1/2"
BM-346940 16" 10 1600cfm 12amp 16" 17" 3 3/4"

All kits include motor, fan, shroud, flush mounts, pull tie mounting kits and instructions

 Measure the radiator and use the largest fan that will easily fit

CFM and Amperage are shown at 0 static pressure. All tests are made using 13.5volts

Please call for current pricing, as a guide the 14" is 46

Northern Adjustable Temp Sensor

please call for current pricing

part number description dimensions
BM-346932 Adjustable Temp Sensor Adjust 180* to 240*

Adjustable temp sensor that turns the fan on at the desired temperature

Northern Fan Kits With Shrouds

please call for current pricing

part number description notes
Z-18340 Fan kit - 15" w/shroud & universal mount kit w/control box Pull
Z-18200 Fan Kit - 13 1/2" dual fan w/shroud & universal mount kit w/control box Pull
Z-18206 Fan Kit - 15" dual fan w/shroud & universal mount kit w/control box Reversible
Z-18212 Fan Kit -15" dual fan w/control box (92-99 Chev pickup w/34"rad) Pull
Z-18218 Fan Kit -15" dual fan w/control box (00-02 Chev pickup w/34"rad) Pull
Z-18224 Fan Kit -15" dual fan w/control box (97-02 Ford PU & SUV) Pull
Z-18230 Fan Kit -12" dual fan w/control box (73-86 Jeep CJ Pull
Z-18236 Fan Kit - 15" w/shroud & w/control box (87-99 Jeep Wrangler) Pull
Z-18242 Fan Kit - 15" w/built in controls (86-93 Mustang) Pull
Z-18248 Fan Kit -13 1/2" dual fan w/control box (GM vehicles w/28"rad) Pull

Northern also have a full range of fan kits with aluminium shrouds to fit the range of All Pro specific fit radiators, please call for more details

Northern Mechanical Fans

please call for current pricing

part number description notes
Z-10150 Steel 6 blade fixed pitch fan Velocity tip - 15 inch
Z-10170 Steel 6 blade fixed pitch fan Velocity tip -17 inch
Z-13500 Nylon flex fan 18 inch

Northern High Performance Oil Coolers

please call for current pricing

Transmission Oil Coolers

Demands on Transmissions have increased dramatically over the years, Lighter Transmissions, heavier vehicles, up to double towing capacities ,and higher engine operating temperatures. All this spells disaster if you can't control the transmission oil temps, get the oil to around 300* and the trans life is shortened by up to 90%.

The manufacturers are now installing external trans coolers to attempt to reduce warranty claims, go one better and install an even bigger external cooler for more peace of mind, Northern has the answer.

Trans oil coolers

Ideal replacement for all OEM trans coolers. The high tech efficient design is better than OEM

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18022 Trans oil cooler (cooler only) 10"x3 3/4"x1 1/4" fits most cars
Z-18029 Trans oil cooler (cooler only) 16"x5 1/4"x1 1/2" fits most trucks

Trans oil cooler kits

The right technology - the right cooling capacity for every car or truck. Kit includes instructions for series mounting with your OEM radiator trans cooler and all necessary hardware for installation .This adds HUGE cooling capacity and also retains quick warm up

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18027 Trans oil cooler kit 10"x3 3/4"x1 1/4" fits most cars
Z-18028 Trans oil cooler kit 16"x5 1/4"x1 1/2" fits most trucks

Universal trans oil coolers

Trans cooler capacities are total combined weight of vehicle, passengers, cargo, and trailer.  For mountain or hilly regions add an extra 1/3rd of the total weight to insure sufficient cooling under these high load conditions

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18010 Trans oil cooler 5"x12 1/2"x3/4" 10,000lbs
Z-18014 Trans oil cooler 7 1/2"x12 1/2"x3/4" 16,000lbs
Z-18018 Trans oil cooler 7 1/2"x16"x3/4" 20,000lbs

Engine oil coolers

Engines are designed to operate with engine oil in the 175* - 200* temperature range. In this range engine oil lubricates, cleans, and cools the motor, keeping the oil within this range can dramatically increase motor life.

Take that same motor put it under load and both the engine oil temp and coolant temp will sky rocket, a bigger coolant rad will control water temp but the engine oil left uncontrolled will decrease the lifespan of the motor. Increase the engine oil temp to 300* and the motor life will shorten to just a few hundred miles. Again Northern have the answer.

Combo Eng/Trans. Cooler Kit.

This cooler combines both engine and transmission oil coolers in one to simplify mounting and save a little space. Kit includes an sandwich adaptor and fittings to mount cooler with the vehicles internal radiator transmission cooler. Northern recommend an engine oil thermostat (Z-80250) to be used with this cooler to provide quicker oil warm up and to prevent over cooling in colder climates

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18021 combo cooler 16"x10"x1 1/2" thermostat number Z-80250

Engine Oil Cooler Kit

Kit includes Engine Oil Cooler for use in all types of engines up to 700HP.Universal adaptor fits 98% of all applications. Uses PH8A or equivalent oil filters. Kit also includes oil hose and mounting hardware.

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18035 engine oil cooler 10"x3 3/4"x1 1/4" fits most cars

Power Steering Coolers

High efficiency compact cooler is fully aluminium brazed for strength and features welded tubes and high efficiency fins. Cooler is light, strong and durable. Compact size makes mounting easy. May be used for all types of cooler situations.

part number description dimensions notes
Z-18050 power steering cooler 6"x4 1/2"x1 1/4" mts in return line

Sandwich Adaptors

Sandwich adaptors available for Chrysler, Ford and Chevy. 1 7/8" thick, 3/8" NPT ports for use with 1/2" oil lines, 2 1/2" and 3 1/8" O rings included,   **The universal adaptor fits: 3/4x 16, 1x 12, 18x1.5, and 22x1.5 thread sizes.

part number description thread size notes
Z-80300 sandwich adaptor 3/4"x16" Chrysler/Ford
Z-80310 sandwich adaptor 13/16"x16" Chevy
Z-80320 universal adaptor see ** Universal

Heater Hose Fittings

part number description
Z-80180 5/8" heater hose to 3/8" NPT
Z-80182 5/8" heater hose to 1/2" NPT
Z-80184 3/4" heater hose to 3/8"NPT

Heater Hose Connector

Step down or step up connector, connects 5/8" to 3/4" heater hose

part number description
Z-80186 step down or step up

Radiator Modification Kit

The radiator modification kit eliminates the need for an expensive custom radiator. Includes all the hardware needed to customize a Race Pro Radiator to fit your vehicle. Kit includes 1 each of 1 3/4" & 1 1/2" dia aluminium hose connectors & fittings.  Requires aluminium welding and fabrication.

part number description notes
Z-12013 radiator modification kit includes hardware listed above
Z-20400 aluminium bung pkg of 5

Radiator Mounting kits

Mounting kits available in either aluminium or steel. Kits require part number Z-21230 mounting pads (below)

part number description notes
Z-20200 radiator mounting kit anodized alum, 2 lowers, 1 upper
Z-21220 universal mounting bracket steel, 2 lowers, 2 uppers

Flange Mounting Kit

Kit includes 2 aluminium mounting brackets which must be welded to radiator side tanks to allow for flange mounting. Brackets have slotted holes for easy mounting

part number description  notes
Z-12014 radiator flange mounting brackets includes 2 brackets

Radiator Mounting pads

Rubber mount pads for use with either part number Z-20200 or Z-21220 (above)

part number  description
Z-212300 radiator mount pads

GM mounting Pad Kit

Rubber pad that molds to radiator for exact fit. Cut to length. For OEM GM radiator mounting.  2 per pack

part number description size
Z-16516 GM mounting pad kit 6 1/2"x1"x3/8"

Radiator Quick Mount Kit

Adjustable, anodized aluminium mounting kit, adjusts to size of radiator for fast and easy install

part number description
Z-16590 radiator quick mount kit

Hose Adaptor Kit

Adapts radiator outlets to your hose size. Kit includes 1 each of 1" to 1 1/4"    1 1/2" to 1 3/4" and 1 3/4" to 2"

part number description
Z-16524 hose adaptor kit

Vibration Isolator Kit

Eliminates vibration damage to your radiator, Kit includes Chrysler, Ford and GM mounting grommets to reduce vibration

part number description
Z-16560 vibration isolator kit

Anodized Fan Spacer Kits

Anodized aluminium and light weight. Available in various sizes. Includes mounting hardware

part number description dimensions
Z-16597 anodized aluminium spacer kit .6"
Z-16599 anodized aluminium spacer kit 1"
Z-16598 anodized aluminium fan spacer 1.5"
Z-16592 anodized aluminium fan spacer 2.0"
Z-16594 anodized aluminium fan spacer 2.5"
Z-16596 anodized aluminium fan spacer 3.0"

Radiator Fan Mount Kit

Universal electric fan radiator mounting kit, Features brackets for fan assembly mount and attaching hardware

part number description


universal electric fan mount kit

Fan Shroud Kit

kit includes 4 each of the large and small clip mounts

part number  description
Z-16540 fan shroud clip kit

Anodized Mounting Plates

Great for through the firewall routing or mounting heater hose, throttle linkage, electrical, etc

part number description
Z-12004 anodized heater hose mounting plate
Z-12005 anodized wire/linkage plate kit

Engine Oil Thermostat

Engine oil thermostat opens at 180* to allow flow to oil cooler. Up to 180* oil is returned to the engine

part number description dimensions
Z-80250 1/2 NPT thread 5"x12 1/2"x3/4"

Weldable bungs

To be used with all types of AN hose, fittings require welding

part number description
Z-17540 weldable bung AN 6
Z-17541 weldable bung AN 8
Z-17542 weldable bung AN 10
Z-17543 weldable bung AN12
Z-17544 weldable bung AN16
Z-17545 weldable bung AN 20

Cooling System Fill Kit

Cooling system hose fill kit is used in vehicles with radiators mounted lower than the engine. Features billet filler neck and beaded hose connection. Used in upper radiator hose.

part number  description
Z-12006 cooling system hose fill kit

Racing Radiator Caps

Engineered by Northern strictly for high pressure cooling systems. These are the best and safest caps for any type of race cooling system

part number description LBS
Z-19200 high pressure radiator cap 20lb
Z-19201 very high pressure radiator cap 24lb
Z-19202 super high pressure radiator cap 28lb
Z-19203 Chrome radiator cap 16lb

Radiator Filler Neck

Heavy duty, billet aluminium. Requires welding to radiator.

part number description
Z-17606 aluminium filler neck

Radiator Overflow Tank/Catch Can

Polished aluminium radiator overflow tank. A great way to update your performance or race vehicle for positive control of engine coolant overflow. Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

part number size internal volume liquid capacity
Z-12016 13" X 3" 35.895 30.373
Z-12017 15" X 2" 41.418 35.895
Z-12018 17" X 2" 46.940 41.418
Z-12020 10" X 3" 64.918 51.935
Z-12021 16" X 3" 113.098 98.960

Northern also supply

Variable electric fan speed controls 90* hose bender
Water flow restrictors Shaker screens for radiators
Power steering mounts Aftermarket vehicle heaters
Aluminium wheel chocks Sandblasters and blasting media

 Prices for parts NOT listed as IN STOCK are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of placing order.

Delivery of items in stock is 1 to 4 days depending on weight, delivery of items not in stock will be confirmed at time of placing order.

To enquire about or purchase any of the above parts please go to the order form/spec sheet on the FBO Systems page and fill in any relevant information or email/telephone us with your specific requirements.

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