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FBO Mopar Electronic Voltage Regulator

Mopar Electronic RegulatorMopar Electronic Regulator

FBO Mopar Electronic Voltage Regulator

Upgrade your old Mopar mechanical regulator to this retro fit full electronic piece

Looks just like a stock Mopar regulator but hidden inside the original 60's case is a full electronic voltage regulator

The end to all your charging problems and looks stock too, if you are upgrading from points to electronic ignition you will need an electronic regulator as the old points style regulator will fry your new ecu

Comes complete with all parts and instructions to install.  Easy upgrade

USA IMPORTS Price:      21.00 plus  postage and packing IN STOCK
Order Code FBO/MVR01

FBO Mopar Performance Stage 2 Distributor

Mopar distributor

FBO Mopar Performance Stage 2 Distributor, no vacuum module, all mechanical advance

Street/Strip or all out strip application

All pricing includes complete rebuild, custom curve and phasing of the cap and rotor  (cap and rotor not included in price)

Stage 2 units are test run to 8800 RPM

USA IMPORTS Price :         90.00 postage and packing
Small Block Order Code FBO/MD02
Big Block Order Code FBO/MD01

Cap and Rotor add             - 18.50

Core charges add:

Small Block                          - 22.00     order code FBO/CORE/1

383-400                                - 30.00     order code FBO/CORE/2

413-440                                - 45.00     order code FBO/CORE/3
please note: core charges are subject to change and will be confirmed at time of order
To save the core charge
we can send your distributor to FBO for a charge of 15.00

Stage 1 with vacuum module, stage 2 without vacuum module and stage 3 locked timing distributors all available.  All built specifically for your vehicle and application.

FBO Mopar Performance A688 Ignition Kits

The FBO A688 kit will outperform any stock appearing Mopar Ignition system available on the market today.
This kit is a direct plug and play system for any Electronic Ignition Mopar using a single pick up magnetic trigger system.
It will perform flawlessly to 8,800 RPM.
It will not retard the engine timing up to 8,800 RPM
It will not skip or drop cylinders up to 8,800 RPM
It will give you almost twice the output of a stock system at cranking RPM and all through the power band.
All components are STOCK Appearing.
ECU's, Coils, Caps and Rotors are all Assembled in the USA.
The Ballast resistors are made in  Mexico and the Transistors are made in Japan.

WARRANTY: If the ECU or Coil should fail within 2 years from the date of purchase, return it with the purchase receipt and it will be replaced free of charge.


FBO Mopar Performance Ignition Kit,

comprises of:









Ballast Resistor

USA IMPORTS Price :      85.00 plus postage and packing    IN STOCK
Order Code FBO/A688

RevSearch is a Midwest USA dealer for FBO Systems. The owner of RevSearch, Jesse Lackman has conducted dyno tests using the FBO A688 ignition system.  Here's his story.

"I was dyno testing a restricted 360 Dodge and was using MP orange box with a "lean burn" distributor which has no vacuum or mechanical advance. This would be the same as running a normal distributor with the centrifugal advance "locked out". The rules excluded any MSD or non-factory type ignition boxes for this engine. I noticed that as the RPM went up the total timing retarded. With the total timing set to 35 @ 1200 rpm it would back down to 29 total @ 5000 RPM. This is not acceptable and my search for a better stock type ignition box led me to FBO Systems and their unique and exclusive ignition box for Mopar applications. The FBO box held the timing to within one degree across the RPM band. The FBO ignition systems will work well in both stock and high performance applications. I've seen 5 hp at 5500 by just installing the FBO ignition box. The only potential advantage the multi spark systems have over the FBO box is a better idle (in engines with bigger cams) because of multiple sparks. At about 3000 RPM the multi-spark systems switch to one spark so above that RPM the FBO will pretty much equal a entry level multi spark system. FBO does have plans for their own multi spark system and rev limiting. Yahoo!!"

FBO Mopar Electronic Conversion Wiring Harness Kits


FBO Mopar Electronic Wiring Harness Kits

Wiring harness to convert points to electronic, this harness has all the correct molded plugs and connectors

USA IMPORTS Price :     12.50 plus postage and packing    IN STOCK
order code FBO/MEC01

Also available are the following:

Electric Cooling Fans 10"  -  12"  -  14"  -  16"
Dual Fans
Thermostat switches
50 HD Manual override switches
Radiator caps 18, 20, 24#

MSD Universal Ignition Wire Sets

MSD Blue 8mm Performance Wire 
MSD Flexible Spark Plug connectors, will adjust from straight to 120*

Universal sets with crimping tool

Heat protective sleeves or  heat shield tubing available for header or Motor Home applications.
All American V-8's Big or Small Block:
Universal set with crimper    54.00

**Full Meal V-8 Deal**
MSD 8mm Wire Universal  wire set
8' Silver Heat Sleeve Supplied
8 Kool Sox Fiberglass Protectors
Adjustable Plug Ends
Socket Type Cap Ends

Kool Sox Double fibreglass insulators Add    26.00 set w/plug wires or 30.00 without plug wires.

Kool Sleeves fibreglass laminated protectors (Top Fuel Style)  Silver only   75p per foot

Prices for parts NOT listed as IN STOCK are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of placing order.

Delivery of items IN STOCK is 1 to 4 days depending on weight, delivery of items not in stock will be confirmed at time of placing order.

To order or make enquiries about any of these Mopar parts please complete the order/spec form on the FBO Products page or email/telephone us with your requirements

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