Rear End/Drive Line Parts


Large 1350 U Joint

Made in the USA by Precision Performance

USA Imports Price   21.00          In Stock

U Bolt Kit for large 1350 joint

Made in the USA by Precision Performance

Lose the Straps!

USA Imports Price    6.00           In Stock

Large 1350 Yoke for Mopar 8.75"

Lose the Straps and the Clips

Complete with

bullet1350 'U' Bolt Kit
bulletNew Pinion Nut
bulletAvailable in 10 and 29 spline

USA Imports Price    96.37          In Stock

Auburn Gear Limited Slip Diff 30 Spline Transfers

Torque smoothly and quickly in any driving condition

bulletTorque sensing and biasing at any speed
bulletfor 8 3/4 all ratios
bulletrecommended for use with street tyres only
bulletmainly street or street/strip


USA Imports Price    334.44          In Stock

Detroit Locker for 8 3/4 30 Spline

This is the one for the serious street/strip or race car where a spool is not acceptable

bullet100% no-spin traction
bulletPrevents wheel spin and power loss
bulletCompensates for differences in wheel travel when turning
bulletnoisier than open/lsd diff

USA Imports Price    428.00          In Stock

Strange 30 Spline 8 3/4 Lightweight Spool

Strip only

USA Imports Price    155.55          In Stock

Miscellaneous items - In Stock

Ring and Pinion Gearsets

All Ratios from US Gear                   From 156.00

All Ratios from Richmond Gears     From 218.00

Axle Shafts with Access Holes, Bearings and Studs

Stock Spline                                             342.00 pair

Strange Green Axle Bearings, Race          67.50 pair

8 3/4 Rebuild/Bearing Kit                         100.00

8 3/4 Diff Gaskets                                        7.50

8 3/4 Crush Screen Eliminator Kits - We have 2 styles, one with a spacer that has to be machined to the desired measurements and one with shims.

8 3/4 Rear Disc Brake Kit, 2 kits available, 1 from Strange and 1 from Wilwood, please call for prices

Moroso Spring Perch - Use with any 3" Axle Tubes - Dana 8 3/4 - Made in the USA     12.40

8 3/4 Rear Axle Spring U Bolts - Made in the USA     30.00 - 4 U Bolts plus 8 Nuts

Custom Propshafts from Dennys Driveshafts

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