GM HEI Ignition Systems

This exclusive design allows you to fine tune your ignition timing without pulling out your tool box. Each complete 360 degree revolution of the thumbscrew adds or takes out 2 degrees of ignition timing. (limited to 10* +-)

Perfect for the Street Rodder who wants to run a small  shot of Nitrous or if you need to make a long trip and want to run less expensive and lower octane fuel you simply tune out a couple of degrees of timing to eliminate detonation.

FBO also build MSD and Street Performance module HEI Distributors, They phase them and set the curve correctly to your engine and car specs.

FBO originally developed this distributor for a Guy that wanted everything out of his car,,,a Highway Cruiser, Sportsman Bracket Racer on Sunday and Street Racer on the bottle for Saturday night .  His problem was that he knew nothing about Ignition, didn't own a timing light and had to be taught "Lefty Lucy and Righty Tighty"...there was a void here they filled it.

Run N2O and you turn it counter clockwise 2 revolutions= -4*
Regular gas for cruising turn it back one turn= -2*
Race on Sunday on 103 Octane turn it up one revolution = +2*
If it pings go back 1/2 turn at a time until it stops = -1*

It's been 2 years now and the ignition has worked flawlessly, he's been winning races at the track, making trips around the state and running whatever gas he can find cheap....he just keeps dialling up and down to keep the detonation out of simple even He can figure it out..  FBO check it once in awhile to be sure he hasn't got it all twisted out of control and he's done a good job of following instructions and keeping track of where he's at with far it's proven to be idiot proof.  As of  7/04 he's running is 4th place at the local track and is a major contender for the Division 6 "Race of Champions"

So that's how it started and since they built his they were flooded with locals wanting the same thing, they went to work and perfected the adjustment mechanism for mass production, found a shop that could make a few hundred components and they were ready to rock and roll.

FBO currently (July 2004) have about over 100 units in daily problems, no failures, no warrantees and no returns, nothing but good reports back from everyone. Since they started producing this adjustment dial some 5 years ago there are a few big company's that have tried to develop a kit for the do-it-yourselfer.  FBO have looked at the kits and all they can say is "Get the original"

You won't find this Original design anywhere else, this is not a dealer or distributor item FBO hand build each one to your car specs.

FBO Distributors are the most finely tuned unit you can buy for your car, no matter what brand you prefer you'll get noticeable gains in ease of starting, off idle response, down the track or down the highway.

FBO Also Build:
Small Cap HEI Systems
Straight 6,  V6 and 4 Cylinder Sytems
HEI Conversions for early 280 Datsun/Nissan  Z cars
Buick V-8 and Turbo and Supercharged cars
Buick/Rover Aluminium V-8's

GM 330 HP Crate engines???....we have the answers!

Phone 01530 450533 and ask for Neil or email Neil and Jo us with your enquiry

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