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OBDII Scanning Facility


We have an OBDII PC based scanner which will plug into the OBDII port under the dashboard of your vehicle to read all computer information including MIL codes.

This scanner will read all fault codes, vehicle computer bus traffic from engine, transmission, abs and body computers, will also reset fault codes turning off that annoying light.

Our PC based OBD-II Diagnostic Scanner can retrieve and describe both generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) giving you valuable information about why your check engine light (MIL) is illuminated. Once a trouble code has been retrieved, we can use the scan tool to check for the cause by looking at live sensor data, emission related test results and sensor data from when the trouble code was set. Once the problem is identified and repaired, the scan tool can reset the check engine light and clear the trouble code.

bulletWorks with all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks utilizing PWM, VPW, ISO-9141 or ISO-14230 communications protocols. To check if your car is compatible with our scan tool please contact us.
bulletAccess and clear thousands of both generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble codes* with descriptions.
bulletView a snap shot of the live sensor data when a trouble code was triggered (Modes 2, 3, 4 and 7).
bulletAccess to over 80 'Live Data' Sensors* (including O2 Sensors) with data capturing and large data display with graphing.
bulletSelect complete tabular display of the Live Data Sensors or choose up to 5 sensors which are simultaneously captured, graphed and and displayed in a large text format at high speed (Mode 1).
bulletAccess to the status of all 11 Readiness Monitors and Test Results of the many individual tests including manufacturer specific test result definitions* that go into determining the pass / fail of each readiness monitor test (Modes 5 & 6).
bulletView Acceleration, Braking, and Time to distance data and graphs.
bulletView the network traffic on your vehicle and see what controllers are sending information.
bulletUse the scan tool to send requests directly to the vehicle bus and view the responses. Use this mode to communicate directly with all Powertrain, Chassis, and Body controllers. This includes Brake controllers, Steering Controllers, Climate Control Controllers, and many more.

Extended Chrysler support - August 2005.

Extended Ford support - now

Extended GM support - now

The extended support reads everything.

We can offer this facility either at our premises or on site, please contact us for more information and price.

Neil and Jo or telephone Neil on 01530 450533